Meeting called to order on Thursday, November 29 by Speaker Mr. Skidmore at approximately 10:15.

All present with the exception of Mr. Millard.

Approximately 19 MSSL members attended as guests.


1). Motion made by Mr. Trez with a second by Mr. Fisher to approve the October 18, 2018 minutes.  Vote was 6-0 in favor.  Motion passed.

2). Mr. Skidmore presented financial report. Current balance of $9,919.29. Motion by Mr. Fisher with  second by Mr. Sternberger to accept.  Vote was 6-0.  Motion passed.

3). Discussed Ed Hustead award.  Mr. Skidmore presented the plaque for viewing.  It will be hung in the Wheatfield Field House.  Managers have been asked to fill out the form for their teams suggested recipient.  All forms should be submitted to Kent Skidmore by the end of this current season.

4). Reviewed results of MSSL veterans versus Mt. San Jacinto girls softball team.  Kudos to Mr. Trez and Mr. Fuhrmann for successful event.


1). Presented previously approved new substitute rules that will be in effect for Fall 2018 playoffs and full Spring 2019 season to managers and assembled MSSL league members.  Discussion was from 1040 to approximately 1130. Emphasis was on that this was already approved in previous board meeting. Motion made by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Sternberger to amend previously approved rule. Vote was 5-1 in favor with Mr. Curley dissenting.  Additional discussion with re-vote Vote was 5-1 in favor with Mr. Fuhrmann dissenting.   Final copy will be added to the MSSL Procedures.

2). Discussion on in season trades. Deferred to next meeting.

3). Discussion on Mr. Skidmore eligibility. Position clarified by Mr. Skidmore.  It was clarified by the Judicial Committee Chairman, Mr. Sternberger that Mr. Skidmore can sub for any three (3) rated players or higher and can play any defensive position his manager chooses.

4). Managers Liaison position. Deferred to future meeting.

5). Current MSSL Chief Umpire Ken Mitoma is retiring.  Interested replacements

should advise the Commissioner. (Steve Baranick and Frank White applied).

A big "Thank You" to Ken for all that he has done.

NOTE:  (now completed and Frank White selected as Kens replacement.) 

6). Commissioner in training.  Deferred to future meeting.

7). Defibrillator training.  Deferred since January 2018.  Mr. Skidmore will now co-ordinate training. Maybe Andy Bullington can do.

8). Discussed e-mail sent by Mr. Fuhrmann that inaccurately stated there were league rules/procedures not being followed. As a member of the board Mr. Fuhrmann should have discussed his concerns with the other board members in order to get the facts straight.  A motion was made by Mr. Skidmore with a second by Mr. Fisher for Mr. Fuhrmann to issue a clarification letter to the league members. If not done, disciplinary action can be taken against Mr. Fuhrmann. Vote was 5-1 in favor with Mr. Fuhrmann dissenting.

Minutes of Board of Directors meeting

November 29, 2018