Minutes of the MSSL Board of Directors meeting..Oct 22, 2019

Meeting called to order by Speaker Mr. Skidmore at 12:40 p.m.

All members present except Mr. Sennett.  Mr. Fisher has resigned from the Board.
Manny Morones and Peter Cortez attended as guests.


1)..Mr. Fuhrmann made a motion to accept the previous months meeting with a second from
Mr. Quigley.  Vote was 5-0.  Motion passed.

2)..Mr. Skidmore presented the financial results from September 2019.  This is
the first results from our new budgeting procedures.  Current cash balance is $10,372.64.
Motion made by Mr. Quigley to accept the financial results with a second by Mr. Crozier.
Vote was 5-0.  Motion passed.

3)..Mr. Fuhrmann advised that the MSSL league Rules are up to date as of this meeting.  A
written wording proposal made by Chief Umpire Steve Baranick with two (2) new rule changes.  After discussion,
one of the two proposals adopted and the rules will be updated by Mr. Fuhrmann. (Now Completed.)

4)..Mr.Fuhrmann advised the MSSL procedures will be updated by the November meeting. Message sent to other
board members for input.

5)..Mr. Dick presented updated list of payment status of all league members.  Information will be sent
to affected managers. (now done). Also, he presented new organizational chart.

6)..Mr. Crozier reviewed the meeting between Mr. Skidmore and himself with the City of Menifee
officials.  Seems it was successful and further meetings will be scheduled as needed.

7)..Mr. Crozier presented an update for the Veterans Day game versus the Mr. San Jacinto college
girls softball team.  (now finalized.)


1)..Discussed procedures for replacement of a resigned Board member.  Procedure not
exactly covered in detail.  Mr. Fuhrmann will present wording in new Procedures document
for consideration.

2)..Long discussion regarding adding sub players to current rosters.  It seems that everything
was done correctly but feedback not provided to managers and board members.  Now all involved
will be included by e-mail.

3)..Discussed wording change to 75+ rule.  Mr. Fuhrmann will make adjustments. (see above).

4)..Reviewed ordering of umpire shirts and related umpire requests.  Mr. Quigley and Mr. Fuhrmann will discuss and finalize with Chief Umpire Steve Baranick the number of shirts required.

5)..Discussed Cordy Cordell situation.  He will remain on current team.

6)..Reviewed what is and what isn't allowed to be hung in or around dugouts. Also discussed
what can be worn around fields.  We are here to play ball not push our political beliefs.

7)..Mr. Fuhrmann briefed the board on the Southern California Fair in Perris and the City of Menifee "mixer"
that he attended with Richard Sandoval.  Copy of handouts for recruiting purposes presented.
Results were positive and the Board thanked the both of us for our efforts.

8)..Mr.Skidmore advised that he is working on new wording for our liability waiver form.

9)..Next meeting  scheduled for November 21, 2019.

10)..Meeting adjourned at approximately 1:55 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann.