Minutes...Board of Directors meeting...July 18, 2018

Meeting called to order by Speaker Mr. Skidmore at 1249 p.m.

All members present. Justin Crozier attended as a guest.


1) Motion made by Mr. Curley with a second by Mr. Crozier to approve the previous months minutes.  Vote was 7-0.  Motion passed.

2) July 2019 financial report presented by Mr. Skidmore.  Motion made by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Quigley to approve the report.  Vote was 7-0.  Motion passed.

3) Mr. Fuhrmann advises that he is in the final process of updating the MSSL rules to include all approved changes in 2019.  Completion should be completed by July 31, 2019.

When done, they will be forwarded to Mr. Curley and then to the league webmaster Jerry Callahan for publishing.

4) MSSL league picnic is scheduled for Wednesday, July 31, 2019, at the Valley Wide clubhouse.

Food preparation at 1100.  Serving to begin at 12:00 p.m. until 1:30. For new members of the league, the cost is included in your league fees.  All board members to help with set-up.

5) Assistant Commissioner, Mr. Dick, presented league organizational chart with Committee breakdowns. Once completed, the chart will be posted on our website so all members can see who they should talk to for specific questions.

6) Mr. Curley amongst others presented rosters, schedule and features of the 2019 Summer Season which will begin on August 6 for 4 weeks (8 games).

7A) Mr. Sennett presented the 2019 Fall Season master draft list completed by his Committee.  At present, we will have 10 teams of 12 members.  Season will begin on September 3, 2019.  One league member requested a review of his rating.  After discussion, it was decided by a vote of 5-2 to move this member down one position in the rating.

7B) 2019 Fall Season draft will be a 2-day affair.  First day, Thursday (August 22, 2019), will be managers selecting only their first choice. Second day, Saturday (August 24,2019), will complete the draft with the manager getting assistance from their first choice only.

8) Mr. Curley briefed us on the status of the directories.  Still a work in process.

9) Mr. Fuhrmann advises that our MSSL night at the Storm has been delayed.  New date to be advised.


1A) Mr. Crozier presented a detailed report of approximately 34 different leagues throughout the U.S. on how some of our rules compare with theirs.  A very interesting presentation.

1B) Long discussion of the "drop down rule".  After consideration, motion made by Mr. Curley with a second by Mr. Quigley to eliminate this rule. Vote was 5-2.  Motion passed.  Dissenting votes by Mr. Skidmore and Mr. Fisher.

2) Discussed proposal from Mr. Quigley about rotating field preparation duties.  Mr. Quigley will prepare a schedule after completion of the Spring schedule for further consideration.

2B) Discussed upcoming 2019 Fall Schedule regarding Christmas and New Year holidays.  The league will play on December 31, 2019 and Thursday, January 2, 2020.  League Scheduler, Mike Trice to be advised.  (now done)

3) Information that is to be included on our league website to be channeled through Mr. Curley.

4) Mr. Quigley presented the process of canvassing league members for their input for the Ed Hustead Sportsmanship Award. Current results shared with interested board members.

Mr. Quigley to finalize nominations, send to Mr. Skidmore who will then poll Board members to determine the selected member.

5) Mr. Fuhrmann will check out replacements for our first aid kits. Original ones purchased and replacements donated by Dickie Haines.  He will also contact Mike Fagan for defibrillator training.

6) Mr. Skidmore presented proposed 2019-2020 budget.  Board members asked to review and be prepared to confirm at the August meeting.

7) Next meeting scheduled for August 22, 2019.

8) Motion by Mr. Fuhrmann with a second by Mr. Quigley for adjournment.  Vote was 7-0.  Motion passed and meeting adjourned at approximately 3:25.


Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann.