Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, June 13, 2019

Meeting called to order by Speaker Mr. Skidmore at approximately 12:35.

All members present.  Guests included Carlos Kurianski and Manny Morones.
NOTE:  First meeting with newly elected members and new Assistant Commissioner.


1)..Motion made by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Curley to approve the previous months minutes.  Vote was 4-0. Motion passed.

2)..Brief explanation of entries on the current financial report.  Motion made by Mr. Quigley with a second by Mr. Sennett to approve the report.  Vote was 6-0.
(Mr. Fisher had a brief absence). Motion passed.  Current balance $7,238.87.  We still expect a balance of approximately $3,200.00 at the end of August 2019.  Mr. Skidmore will present next years preliminary budget at the July meeting with approval at the August meeting.

3)..Mr. Fuhrmann provided update on status of new rule changes being incorporated into our printed documents.  They will be updated by the July 18, 2019 meeting.

4)..MSSL league picnic will be held at the Valley-Wide clubhouse.  Date to be advised. If any league member would like to help with the planning, please see Mr. Skidmore.


1)..Mr. Skidmore welcomed the newly elected board members: Mr. Crozier, Mr. Fuhrmann, Mr. Quigley, and Mr. Sennett.  All current assignments to be continued.  Mr. Skidmore, Speaker of the Board and Treasurer, Mr. Fuhrmann League Secretary.

2).Newly elected Assistant Commissioner Mr. Dick presented a organization chart showing officers positions.  Volunteers solicited to oversee certain league responsibilities. They are

  • Community Liaison                Mr. Crozier
  • Managers/Umpires                Mr. Quigley
  • Evaluations/Rosters               Mr. Sennett
  • Fields/Equipment/Uniforms Mr. Fuhrmann
  • Website/Standing                   Mr. Curley
  • Judicial                                      Mr. J Fisher

NOTE:.. All of the above Board Members will work closely with the members in the existing committee positions.
The above Board Members will bring their supporting committee members names to the July 2019 board meeting.

3)..Mr. Fuhrmann presented update on the existing substitute players regarding league fees and uniforms.

4)..To dispel rumors, we will have a summer season.  It will be approximately 4 weeks (8 games) taking place in the month of August 2019.  There will be NO fees for this summer season only.
Team makeup to be determined from sign-up sheets.  (Available Tuesday, June 18, 2019).

5)..Long discussion regarding upcoming Fall 2019 Season.  We will continue with a 2 day draft.
A).. Each manager/Committee will select their number 1 player only on the first day.  That player will assist with the balance of the draft on day 2.
B).. Two person committee teams will stay together for entire draft regardless of getting drafted.
C)..Managers rating WILL NOT be lowered by one position.
D)..Drafting list will be prepared by Player Evaluation Committee with final approval by the Board of Directors.
E)..Mr. Fuhrmann will be the moderator at both days of the draft.
F)..A person cannot "volunteer" to be a manager once the draft has started. Committee teams will remain committee teams until the draft is completed.  At that time a manager can be selected from the members of that team.

6)..Mr. Curley presented update to League membership to include emergency contacts etc. 
It is a work in progress.

7)..Preliminary date for our Night at the Storm:  July 26, 2019.  Ticket cost of $10.00.  Signup sheets available Tuesday, June 18, 2019. Please see Bob Fuhrmann for details.

8)..Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 18, 2019.

9)..Motion for adjournment made by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Crozier.  Vote was 7-0.
Motion passed and meeting adjourned at approximately 2:26.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann.