Meeting called to order at approximately 1025 by Speaker, Mr. Skidmore.

All members present.  Commissioner Mr. Hustead is on medical leave.  Mr. Trez was enroute. Gene Dick attended as a invited guest.


1) Motion made by Mr. Sternberger with a second by Mr. Fisher to approve the previous months minutes. Vote was 6-0.  Motion passed.

NOTE:  Mr. Trez arrived at this time.

2) Mr. Skidmore presented the April financial report.  Current balance is $7782.94.

NOTE: Report shows a miscellaneous deposit of $500.  This amount is what was donated by our MSSL members in support of the Mt. San Jacinto girls softball team.  They are not permitted to accept cash. The $500 cash donation was deposited in our account and a league check was written to MSJC Girls Softball.  This check had not been cashed by the end of April to be included in this month's financial report.

It has since been deposited and will be shown on the May 2019 statement.  Projected balance at end of our fiscal year, August 31, 2019 will be in the area of $2800.00-$3000.00.  Motion made by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Curley to approve the report.  Vote was 7.0.  Motion passed.

3) Mr. Fuhrmann with assistance by league publisher, Ric Davila, will send updates to our MSSL rules and regulations to league webmaster, Jerry Callahan, for inclusion on our webpage.  The updates will cover the 160/75+ rule for fielders, trades, number of board members and substitutes.

4) Copies of our league information (flyers), were handed out to all board members.  They will be posted in various communities in the area to provide more MSSL league exposure.

5) MSSL still working on 2 ball games against Mt. San Jacinto girls’ team.  Their coaching staff is currently out recruiting.  One game will be around Veterans Day and the other to be advised by Mr. Trez.

6) No date has been set for the annual picnic at this time.  The BOD will keep the members posted.

7) Discussed the new position of Assistant Commissioner.   Gene Dick had been nominated to this position.  Gene gave an oversight to his qualifications and his vision for the future of this position.

Motion made by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Sternberger to accept Gene Dick for the position of Assistant Commissioner.  The term will be for five (5) years.  Vote was 7-0.  Motion passed.

8) Mr. Fuhrmann updated all with the election process.  Due to inclement weather the election will now be extended to Tuesday, May 28, 2019.  Teams 6 and 7 and players/substitutes that missed their teams scheduled vote time will be voting on Tuesday.  Skip Penhall, Bill French, Bill Baroody and Jesus Fernandez are the ones that we know of at this time. (Now completed and announced).


1) Discussed the Master list/Emergency contact list and Directory.  Mr. Curley will attempt to update and co-ordinate these lists for the immediate future.  Master list mentioned previously is not to be confused with the master list that the managers use for league drafts.

2) Mr. Fuhrmann advised he is working on dates for our annual visit to the Lake Elsinore Storm games.

They would like to honor the Fall 2018 Champions and the 2019 Spring Champions.  One prospective date is July 26, 2019 which is also City of Menifee night.  Good chance for recruiting.

3) Discussed the way managers determine substitute runners.  Is it a competitive advantage or specific needs?

It was determined that no action was required at this time.

4) The Board wanted to acknowledge and thank Mr.’s Trez, Sternberger, Fuhrmann and Millard or their help and support of this league by being a member of the BOD these past 2 years.  Thank you all for your contributions of time and energy.

5)  Next meeting scheduled for June 13, 2019.

6) Motion by Mr. Trez with a second by Mr. Millard for adjournment.  Vote was 7-0.  Motion passed and meeting adjourned at approximately 2:05.


Minutes submitted by League Secretary Mr. Fuhrmann.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 23, 2019