Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting,

February 21, 2019

Meeting called to order by Speaker Mr. Skidmore at approximately 1020.

All members present. Manny Morones attended as a guest with Larry Roberts joining midway through.


1) Motion made by Mr. Fisher, with a second by Mr. Sternberger to approve the previous months minutes. Vote was 7-0, Motion passed.

2) Mr. Skidmore presented the financial results for January 2019. Current balance of $8,826.14. Motion made by Mr. Fisher, with a second by Mr. Trez to accept the results. Vote was 7-0. Motion passed.


1) Discussed missed games due to rain and field conditions. Discussed 2 proposals. One by Dan Krepich to go to 18 game season and then the playoffs. Second was to move delayed first 2 weeks of the season to the back of the schedule and continue with full 27 game season. Second proposal adopted. League Scheduler, Mike Trice, to adjust schedule. (Now completed.)

2A) Discussed 2018 Fall Season awards. Manny Morones discussed discrepancy with jackets. Mr. Fisher presented his altered jacket. Motion made by Mr. Curley with a second by Mr. Fisher to authorize (WITHOUT PREJUDICE) up to $70.00 to fix 5 jackets. Vote was 4-3 in favor. Motion passed. Dissenting votes by Mr. Millard, Mr. Trez and Mr. Skidmore.

2B) Let the record show that authorized expenditures for awards per season (except summer) is $350.00 for regular season champions jackets and $150.00 for playoff champion hats.

Amounts may be used as the manager/team decides. That is the league champions can choose any jacket style/color and the playoff champion can choose any hat style/color.

Any overages beyond the $350.00 or $150.00 will come from the teams themselves. Winning managers will work with the Awards Committee Chairman. At this time it is Dennis Cullen.

3) Discussed league logos. Mr. Fuhrmann advises that Tim Nehrling holds possible patent rights. Mr. Fuhrmann will contact Tim for ordering information (Now Done). Information forwarded to Mr. Skidmore.

4) Discussed possible rule changes and reminders for 2019 Spring Season. Motion made by Mr. Curley with a second by Mr. Sternberger to adopt the following new rule. Vote was 7-0. Motion passed.

NEW RULE (effective Tuesday, February 26, 2019).

For players 75 years of age and above: All outfielders must remain behind the outfield 160 foot line, and ALL INFIELDERS INCLUDING THE ROVER must be positioned on the dirt of the infield until the ball is HIT. If the ball reaches the outfield grass WITHOUT being touched by an infielder, including the rover, the batter CANNOT be thrown out at first base.


A) We now have in-season trades. Up to the 7th week( game 13), trades can be made. Both managers and both players must be in agreement and final approval will be by a majority of the Board of Directors.

B) Teams that are not equal in number of players must take an out at the end of the lineup for the missing players. The out(s) will be recorded for the first two(2) times through the lineup. That is, for each player missing, a maximum number of outs will be two (2) per player.

C) Rating groups 9-11 are interchangeable.

If you have any questions, see your manager or a member of the Board of Directors.

These above items will be published in our official rules in the next couple of weeks.

5) Mr. Curley reviewed process for managers ratings for future drafts. His determination was there is no direct effect on the leagues outcome by dropping a player down a rating for draft purposes as a manager.

6) Discussed ways to get the information about our league out to prospective new members as previously suggested by Brain Crozier. The Speaker will take the list provided by Brian Crozier and distribute among the board members to get the word out. The Board asks that any league member with suggestions or connections to expanding our membership please come forward.

7) Mr. Trez brought us up-to-date with our relationship with the Mt. San Jacinto girls softball team. They want to play us again outside the annual Veterans Day game. We have added their schedule on our website. Discussed picking a date to go as a group to support them at a one of their games. Mr. Trez to follow-up so we can pick a day to support them at one of their games as well as getting potential dates in which they can play our veterans. Also discussed buying them some equipment for their team as a donation from us. The Board is looking for feedback from league members as to whether the donation should come from the leagues budget or collected from player donations.

8) Commissioner in training. The Speaker asked that each board member come to the next meeting with 4-5 possible league members to take on this role.

9) Short closed session meeting to discuss personal matter. A member of our league was accused of harassing one of the women taking a class at the field house. This not only reflects poorly on our league but could put into jeopardy our ability to play at Valley Wide fields. The Board agreed that this behavior cannot be tolerated. The person in question was spoken to and given a warning that if this were to happen again, they would be removed from the league.

10) Mr. Fuhrmann advised of board elections in May 2019 with request to advise if board members with terms expiring to notify him in the near future with their intentions so information can go out to the league for league election and formation of the ballots. Members whose terms are expiring include Mr. Fuhrmann, Mr. Millard, Mr. Sternberger and Mr. Trez. Those league members interested in joining the board should e-mail the Commissioner, Mr. Hustead, so they can be included on the May ballot.

11) Discussed upcoming league picnic. Mr. Skidmore to follow up with possible different locations.

12) Next meeting scheduled for March 28, 2019.

13) Motion to adjourn by Mr. Fuhrmann with a second by Mr. Fisher. Vote was 7-0 in favor. Motion passed and meeting adjourned at approximately 1215.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann.