Meeting called to order by Speaker Mr. Skidmore at approximately 1115.

All members present except Mr. Curley.


1) Motion made by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Trez to approve the July meeting minutes. Vote was 6-0 in favor. Motion passed.

2) Motion made by Mr. Fuhrmann with a second by Mr. Fisher to approve the July 2018 financial report presented by league treasurer, Mr. Skidmore.

Vote was 6-0 in favor. Motion passed. REMINDER: Our fiscal year will now be September to August.

3) Mr. Skidmore advised that the purchase of the plaque for the first annual Ed Hustead award is ongoing.

4) Mr. Fuhrmann brought the board up to date on status of opening ceremonies Valley Wide management will be contacted for first pitch festivities. City of Menifee group to do the honors in Spring 2019 season. Mr. Curley will supply the bunting and boombox for ceremonies on September 4, 2018 at 0830, Field 1. (NOTE: Valley Wide confirms their attendance.)

5) Mr. Skidmore and Mr. Trez will contact Gina at Mt. San Jacinto College to make arrangements for Veterans Day game. Details to follow.

6) Mr. Skidmore has received master draft list from Evaluation Committee.

List and 9 managers approved. (One added after to make a total of 10.).

Mr. Hustead advises 120 sign ups. Ten teams of 12 players each. Second day of draft scheduled for August 18, 2018. (Now completed.)

7) Special rules for summer play discussed. More discussion needed.

8) Discussion regarding player substitution rule. Motion made by Mr. Millard with a second by Mr. Fisher to continue the "one level down" procedure into the 2018 Fall Season playoffs. Vote was 6-0 in favor. Motion passed. Also had short discussion on regular season substitutions. (Rex rule). More discussion needed.

Ric Davila, league publisher, will be contacted to update the rules.


1) 2018 Fall Season will begin September 4, 2018. Attempt will be made in 2019 Fall season to start earlier to avoid summer heat.

2) Very short discussion about advertising at league picnic. Not approved at this time.

3) Discussed conditions of playing fields concerning gopher holes in right field of field 1 and grasses or lack thereof. Mr. Fuhrmann advised that league member Larry Roberts is working with Valley Wide recreation to help alleviate gopher condition. Valley Wide is currently spraying for weed conditions.

4) Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 13, 2018.

5) Motion made by Mr. Fisher for adjournment with second by Mr. Trez. Vote was 6-0 in favor. Motion passed and meeting adjourned at approximately 1205.


The following addendum was added after the meeting was adjourned:

The Board voted to accept the revised ratings of the substitute players that were submitted by the Evaluation Committee.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann

Minutes of MSSL Board of Directors meeting....August 13, 2018