Meeting called to order at approximately 1105 by Speaker Mr. Skidmore.

All members present with he exception of Mr. Trez.

Raul Caloca attended as a guest.


1)..Motion made by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Millard to approve the previous months minutes.  Vote was 6-0 in favor.

Motion passed.

2)..Mr. Skidmore recognized the combined efforts of Mr. Hustead and Mr. Fuhrmann in the planning of the "Night at the Storm".  Great turnout for the members of the MSSL.  It was agreed that we will attempt to make this a annual event.

3)..Reviewed the June 2018 budget.  Presently the balance is $4,722.17.

Motion made by Mr. Millard with a second by Mr. Sternberger to approve the report.  Vote was 6-0 in favor.  Motion passed.

4)..Brief discussion on the Ed Hustead Award.  This is still a work in progress and continued discussion necessary.  Mr. Skidmore to check out trophy shop for appropriate plaque.

5)..Long discussion on player substitutions.  We will continue to discuss with league members.  Issue to be addressed again at the August meeting.

6)..Discussed website security.  May be costly and cumbersome to change.  No change planned a this time.

7)..Briefly discussed "Opening Day" ceremony. Mr. Curley to provide details of his plans at the August 2018 board meeting.

8)..Deferred conversation on Veterans Day game with Mt. San Jacinto girls softball team.

9)..Mr Hustead provided update on Fall Season 2018 signups.  

He advises still a few to contact.  Still planning 10 teams.

10)..Fall Season 2018 draft.  Mr. Fuhrmann advises that Evaluation Committee will meet on August 07, 2018, to finalize the draft and Manager lists.  Final list subject to approval by the BOD.

First of two drafts (Managers and first choice) to be held on August 14, 2018, after the Tuesday game.  Second and final draft to be held on Saturday, August 18, 2018 at "Jacks Place at 0900.

Mr. Fuhrmann to provide Mr. Skidmore list of committee members used for last draft.  (Now Done). Additional members may be needed. 

Mr. Fuhrmann to obtain new prospective committee participants.

11)..Mr. Curley advises the "switch out" of the pitching screen at Discovery Park has been completed and repairs underway by Dave Schoop.

Dave will be compensated with a $25.00 gift card.


1)..New First Aid kit donated by Dick Haines. It looks really good.

Thanks to Dick.  Unit will be kept in lock up bin.

2)..Summer rules to be posted when 2019 summer roster and schedule come out next year. Earlier situations seemed to have fixed themselves.  Summer is a good time to experiment with possible new rules.

3)..Discussed awards for past players and teams. No action taken at this time.

4)..Mr. Millard discussed 3 different items: Batters box dimensions, runners right to bases and players diminished abilities.  All discussed and noted.  On next master draft list ages of all players will be published.  (Mr. Fisher to obtain information.)

5)..Discussed shortening summer season in order to have Fall and Spring seasons start earlier and end earlier respectively.  Mr. Fuhrmann to work with Mike Trice to accomplish.

6)..Discussed member and non-member presentations to league members. (advertising).

More discussion needed in future meetings.

7)..Brief discussion on the September 2018-August 2019 budget.  Motion made by Mr. Fisher with a second by Mr. Fuhrmann to reduce league fees from $60.00 per year to $50.00 per year.  Vote was 5-0. Motion passed.  New fee to begin with 2018 Fall Season.

Other proposals to be discussed in future meetings.

8)..Next meeting planned for August 13, 2018.

9)..Motion to adjourn by Mr. Fuhrmann with second by Mr. Fisher.  Vote was 5-0 in favor (Mr. Curley was excused earlier.)  Motion passed and meeting adjourned at approximately 1235.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann.






















Minutes of the Board - July 19,2018