May 24, 2018  12:30 pm  

Menifee Senior Softball League

Ed Hustead (EH), Founder and Commissioner               

9 Board Members present (in alphabetical order by last name):

DC. Dennis Cullen, awards
RD. Rick Davila
JF. Jack Fisher
BF. Bob Fuhrmann
JM. Jeff Millard, secretary
EN. Ed Nicholls
KS. Kent Skidmore, treasurer
DS. Donnie Steinberger
JT. Jim Trez

Committee members (updated):

Draft Comm — Chief: EH; additional people as needed
Awards Comm — Chief: DC; KS  
Judicial Comm — Chief: DS; JF, KS, Gene Dick, Skip Penhall 
Player Evaluation Comm — Chief: Ray Moore; DC, Ed 
Nicholls, John Sennett, Larry Roberts 
Defibrillator Comm — Chief: EN; Mike Fagan, Bob Curley 

Guest:  Bob Curley   


1. Motion to accept Apr 26, 2018 minutes: DC, JF seconded,

2. Financial report update (KS):  Available cash balance as of
 Mar 31, 2018: $6109.75.  Motion to accept this update: EN,  
JF seconded, Unan.  

3.  Ed Hustead Bi-Annual Award.  The first award will be given 
out next spring, 2019, based upon criteria met in the fall season. 
The final details will be determined during the July BOD meeting. 

4.  Proposal for procedural changes to the Draft Process for
pitchers:  No change, except that at the beginning of the draft, 
each manager will be provided with a list of dedicated pitchers, 
along with their previous ratings.

5.  Defibrillator Training update (Ed Nichols):  Training date 
deferred to next BOD meeting.

6.  Friday and Saturday practices, update:  Continued until 
further notice.

7.  Summer League play, beginning date and fees:  Motion that
the fee remain at $10, with a starting date to be determined in 
the June BOD meeting; summer games will be 9 innings, with 12 
players on the field: BF, DC seconded, Unan.

8.  New BOD members: The Board of Directors will be reduced 
from eleven to seven members beginning with the June 2018 
meeting. They include Bob Curley, Jack Fisher, Bob Fuhrmann, 
Jeff Millard, Kent Skidmore, Donnie Sternberger, and Jim Trez. 

9. Motion to adjourn: BF, RD seconded, Unan. 

Next meeting Thu, Jun 14, 2018. 

JM, secretary. 1:45 pm, May 24, 2018