Ed Hustead (EH) founder

8 Board Members present (in alphabetical order by last name):

DC. Dennis Cullen, awards
JF. Jack Fisher
BF. Bob Fuhrmann
JG. John Gomez
JM. Jeff Millard, secretary
KS. Kent Skidmore, treasurer
DS. Donnie Sternberger
JT. Jim Trez

Committee members (updated):

Draft Comm — Chief: EH; additional people as needed
Awards Comm — Chief: DC; KS 
Judicial Comm — Chief: DS; JF, KS, Gene Dick, Skip Penhall
Player Evaluation Comm (PEC) — Chief: Ray Moore; DC, Ed
Nicholls, John Sennett, Larry Roberts

Guests:  Bob Curley, Larry Roberts, Ray Moore, Manny Morones, John Sennett, Steve Baranick, Skip Penhall  


1. Motion to accept Mar 15, 2018 minutes:  KS, JF seconded, Unan.

2.  Financial report update (KS):  Available cash balance as of Mar 31, 2018: $6148.74.  Motion to accept this update: JF, JT seconded, Unan. 

3.  Liability Insurance Policy update (DC):  Deferred to June 1.

4.  MSSL Picnic update — set for May 16, 2018.  Location: Wheatfield Community Center; doors open at 11:00 am.  Open to all players and their immediate families. 

5.  Defibrillator Training update (Ed Nichols):  Training date deferred to next BOD meeting.

6.  Ed Hustead Bi-Annual Award Proposal:  Motion to accept the Proposal, to be given out after each season beginning next spring, 2019. The award will be given to that player who best helps bring significant improvements to the League during the fall and spring seasons.  Further details will be forthcoming at a later date.  Motion KS, seconded JF, Unan.

7.  MSSL Night at a Lake Elsinore Storm game:  Motion to hold another “Night at the Storm” get-together for any/all MSSL players and family members to be held this July, 2018, with Bob Fuhrmann coordinating; exact date to be determined no later than June BOD meeting: KS, JF seconded, Unan.   

8.  Discuss how to incorporate new players (rated 10 and below) into the League during the season.  They will be placed on those teams which do not have 12 players and in the following order:  teams 6, 2, 8, 5, and 9.

9.  Discuss Player Substitution rules change.  In order to prevent teams from improving — especially during the playoffs — suggest that teams requiring substitutes be taken from one line below the ratings of the needed players.  Exception:  the team’s first substitute may be on a same-line basis.  Motion that the proposal be tested for the semi-finals and finals of the spring season playoffs, JF, KS seconded, Unan.

10.  Proposal to make procedural changes in the draft process in order to insure that each team has a Designated Pitcher on their roster, and those teams may use those pitchers as substitutes when needed. Deferred to next BOD meeting. 

11.  Proposal to change our weekly Practice to both Fridays and Saturdays, beginning 8:30 am, May 4, 2018.  The Evaluation Committee will rate new players on Fridays only. The five keys (one last key was duplicated) which were made for the Equipment Box at Discovery Park will be distributed as follows: Ray Moore 1, John Pape 1, Ed Hustead 1, Roy Lantz 1, and Dino Castrello 1.  Motion to accept this proposal: KS, JM seconded, Unan.

12.  Discussion concerning player comments on the MSSL Facebook page, given that both decorum be preserved and that the subjects under discussion be limited to League play and League matters.  Will coordinate with the League’s Webmaster on a continuing basis as to how best to monitor and maintain the Web Page.

13.  BOD elections review.  John Gomez, Bob Fuhrmann, and Jeff Millard will be the points of contact and will coordinate any/all paperwork necessary for Board of Directors elections. The Board election is open to all players.  

14.  Review rules regarding Batter Walks and Fifth Run scoring. Should a walked batter be required to touch first base before a runner is allowed to take his place?  No.  In order to prevent “delayed” force outs, should all runners on the bases be required to touch their next bases when the team’s fifth run is about to or has already scored?  Yes, unless no runners are forced and/or the ball is hit out of the park. Motion to make no changes to the current rules:  JF, KS seconded, Unan.

15. Motion to adjourn: DC, DS seconded, Unan.

 Next meeting Thu, May 24, 2018.

JM, secretary. 3:45 pm, Apr 26, 2018

Menifee Senior Softball League
April 2018 BOD minutes