MAR 15, 2017
10:00 am

Menifee Senior Softball League, Ed Hustead (EH) founder                

8 Board Members present (in alphabetical order by last name):
DC. Dennis Cullen, awards
RD. Ric Davila, publisher
BF. Bob Fuhrmann
JF. Jack Fisher                                                                                       
JM. Jeff Millard, secretary
DS. Donnie Sternberger
KS. Kent Skidmore, treasurer
JT. Jim Trez

Committee members (updated):
Draft Committee — Chief: EH; additional people as needed
Awards Committee — Chief: DC; KS  
Judicial Committee — Chief: DS; JF, KS, Gene Dick, Skip Penhall 
Player Evaluation Committee (PEC) — Chief: Ray Moore; DC, Ed 
Nicholls, John Sennett, Larry Roberts 

Guests:  Bob Curley, Bob Envall, Ken Quigley, Skip Penhall  


1. Motion to accept Feb 2018 Minutes: RD, DS seconded, Unan.

2.  Review/update previous grievance pertaining to Vito D’Angelo. 
   Motion to approve suspension of Vito D’Angelo for one game
   (that game being 8 March):  RD, BF seconded, Unan.

3.  Financial report update (KS):  Available cash balance as of 
28 Feb 2018: $6297.64.           
   Motion to accept this update: JF, BF seconded, Unan.  

4.  League Picnic, planning (KS): Need a Taco Truck or 
similar conveyance to cater the picnic.  Looking at May 16th for 
the Picnic. Tammy may have some ideas on this and Kent will
coordinate with her.  JF will contact Sergio to see if he has 
someone that could help in serving from his Taco Truck.

5.  Defibrillator Training update (Ed Nichols): Training date 
deferred to next BOD meeting.

6.  Ed Husted Annual Award Proposal (discussion/voting): Deferred
to next BOD meeting when JG and Ken Quigley can meet and put 
together a proposal before the Board.  

7.  Liability Insurance Policy update (DC):  Current quote for 
a $1 million policy for Liability to protect the board from any 
lawsuits that may arise. The insurance premium would be $1124 
annually. Cost to league members for the policy estimated at $10 
per year.  DC will continue to check other sources and details.

8.  Equipment Storage Box at Discovery Park update (BF): A
box has been installed at Discovery Park but has not been paid
for as of yet. Four sets of keys have been made and distributed
to John Pape, Ed Hustead, and two others — Ray Moore will
likely be given a set along with one other to be determined. 

9. PEC Chairmanship update… Ray Moore has accepted the role 
of Chief of this Committee. Jerry Callahan will update the 

10. Review/Clarify understanding of using players rated 10 - 12:
   Motion that players drafted in rounds 10, 11 and 12 be 
   combined into one group, from which any player in this group may 
   be used as a substitute for any 10, 11, or 12-line player:  BF, 
   JF seconded, Unan.  

11. Review game starting times: 
   Motion that current start times of 8:30 and 10:30 revert back 
   to 9:00 and !!:00 until May 15th, effective immediately: DS, JM 
   seconded, Unan.
JM will call / text all managers regarding this change, as well as 
the above group 10 - 12 substitution change.

12. Discuss how to incorporate new players (rated 10 and below) 
into the League.  Should they be used as substitutes or added 
to teams currently lacking 12 players? Deferred to April meeting.

13. BF will look into initiating another “MSSL night at the Storm”
evening. Details and possible dates forthcoming.

14. Discuss Player substitution rules change: In order to prevent 
teams from improving — especially during the playoffs — suggest 
that teams needing more than one substitute come from one line 
below those players requiring substitutes. Exception: The team’s
first substitute may be on a same-line basis. Deferred to April.

15. Questions: should the Board make any changes in the draft 
process to insure that each team ends up with a designated, 
bone-fide pitcher at the end of the draft? Also, if a team’s 
pitcher — for whatever reason — cannot play, should it be ok 
for that team to use any designated pitcher as a substitute? 

16. Motion to adjourn: BF, DS seconded, Unan. 

Next meeting Thu, 26 Apr 2018. 
JM, secretary. 11:45 am, 15 Mar 2018