NOV 30, 2017

Menifee Senior Softball League, Ed Hustead (EH) founder

10 Board Members (in alphabetical order by last name):

DC. Dennis Cullen, awards,
RD. Ric Davila, publisher,
BF. Bob Fuhrmann,
JF. Jack Fisher,
JG. John Gomez, speaker,
JM. Jeff Millard, secretary,
EN. Ed Nicholls Jr.,
KS. Kent Skidmore, treasurer,
DS. Donnie Sternberger,
JT. Jim Trez

Guest:  Bob Envall: BE

1. Motion to accept Oct Minutes: JT, RD seconded, Unanimous.

2. Committee members, updated:

Draft Committee — chief: EH; additional people as needed
Awards Committee — chief: DC; KS
Judicial Committee — chief: DS; JF, KS, Gene Dick, Skip Penhall
Evaluation Committee — chief: John Pape; Ray Moore, JF, DC

3. Financial update (KS):  Latest financial report was sent out in Oct. 

4. Review rule pertaining to the use of profanity/foul language: First occurrence of swearing at others: umpire warning. If it continues or is said again at a later time, player is gone. Need uniform enforcement by all umpires.

5. Player liability/waiver form update: the back of the form, "Waiver of Liability”, has to be filled out and signed by every player in the league. The front of the form can be deferred for returning players but needs to be filled out for all new players. The subject of League Insurance will be deferred until DC makes the necessary inquiries and reports to the Board in January.

6. Defibrillator training: Need to set aside a date for training. Suggested that the date coincide with date(s) of the next draft. First response should be to call 911 immediately if/when a person goes down suspected of having a heart attack. Motion to wait for date of next draft to hold training, with EN being the coordinator for this training: EN, BF seconded, Unanimous.

7. Revisit Board of Directors’ vacancy (deferred item). Deferred again.

8. Review rule of players 75 and older be granted an automatic right to reach 1st base if the batted ball is fielded by a non-rover outfielder. Should this right be extended to all players? JG will confer with Ken Mitoma on this issue, and results will be discussed at the next Board Meeting.

9. Spring Draft review to establish improved parity between teams. Propose change to have a two day draft: 1st day any or all new managers will be provided help in picking their first two players by a select committee of two experienced league members rated 4 or below; 2nd day will utilize the two chosen players to pick the remaining team members. Begin recruiting new managers NOW for the Spring Season. A complete manager list needs to be determined by 31 Dec. Motion on the above: DS, JT seconded, Unanimous except BF.

10. Proposal to obtain security/storage utility containers for Discovery Park and/or Field 3. Bob Envall (BE) will ask Tammy   and Vince if we have Valley Wide's permission to place boxes at Discovery Park, and also Wheatfield #3 if we so choose. He is to report back to the BOD in January and the BOD will make the final decision on placement. BE will also ask Jack Buss and Dave Romero if we can buy their boxes and at what price. Motion to establish Purchase Committee, headed by BE to report on his findings: EN, JF seconded, Unanimous except BF.

11. Proposal to establish an annual “Ed Hustead Award”, recognizing the league member who displays the most “extra effort” in helping the League grow and improve in all areas. Subject deferred to next BOD meeting.

12. Player substitution rules proposal and unequal number of players between teams. 1. In order to avoid the possibility that teams needing 2 or more substitutions do not substantially improve the quality of their team when entering the Post Season, the following is proposed: The first pick — at any level — may be done on a same-line basis, but all subsequent picks need to come from those players one line below the level needing replacement. 2. In order to provide greater balance between competing teams, all teams must have a minimum of 11 players on game day. Those teams which begin play with fewer than 11 must take an automatic out after the last man bats. Those teams with 13 assigned players may drop a player at the discretion of the manager so that the difference in number of players between participating teams be no more than one. Proposals deferred.

13. Bob Kapella memorial tournament announcement held at BLD in Perris. Will coordinate with Mike Trice as to which members of the Tue-Thu league will participate.

14. New Spring draft dates: 1st draft 20 Jan, 2nd draft 27 Jan. Both dates will meet in person at a selected location.

15. Motion to adjourn: BF, DC seconded, Unanimous.

Next meeting Thu, 11 Jan 2018.

JM, secretary. 3:00 pm, 30 Nov 2017.