Sep 15, 2017 2:10 PM, MSSL Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at approximately 1245 by Speaker Mr. Gomez.

All members present with the exception of Mr. Millard.  No guests attended.

1)..Motion made by Mr. Davila with a second from Mr. Nichols to approve the previous months minutes. Vote was 10-0 in favor.  Motion passed.

2)..Motion made by Mr. Skidmore with a second by Mr. Fisher to approve the minutes from the special board meeting in regards to Rob Hellman. Vote was 10-0.  Motion passed.
3)..Motion made by Mr Nicholls with a second by Mr. Fisher to approve the previous e-mail forwarded financial statements.   Vote was 10-0 in favor.  Motion passed.

4)..Discussions on liabilities and defibrillator training deferred. 

5)..Discussion on player substitution rule deferred.

6)..Discussion on new player sign-up/registration/waiver form.  Motion made by Mr. Cullen with second by Mr Trez to accept first side of form but deferred action on the waiver on page 2.  Vote was 10-0. Motion passed.

7)..Discussed invitation from San Jacinto College women's softball team to play on Veterans Day in a co-ed game.  Info to be placed on league website and Facebook page for volunteers with priority to be given to veterans. Sign-ups to be received by October 12, 2017.  (Mr. Fuhrmann to co-ordinate.)

8)..Bill Dinga has asked to be re-instated as a umpire in MSSL.  He must write to the BOD for this request. (Mr Gomez to advise him).

9)..Last minute agenda item added regarding advertising on league website. More information requested.  Item deferred.

10)..Mr Davila brought to the BOD's attention that there is a discrepancy between our Rules and Procedures requiring length of time for league fees to be due. Rules changed to reflect time to be identical (a player's second game).

11)..Next meeting scheduled for October 17, 2017 (Tuesday).

12)..Motion for adjournment by Mr. Nicholls with a second by Mr Skidmore. Vote was 10-0 in favor.  Motion passed and meeting adjourned at approximately 1430.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann (League Secretary, Mr. Millard absent).