Aug 17, 2017 11:00  Menifee Senior Softball League,

Ed Hustead (EH) founder                
11 Board Members (in alphabetical order by last name):
DC. Dennis Cullen, awards commission head
RD. Ric Davila, publisher
BF. Bob Fuhrmann
JF. Jack Fisher — absent
JG. John Gomez, speaker
JM. Jeff Millard, secretary
EN. Ed Nicholls Jr
KS. Kent Skidmore, treasurer
DS. Donnie Sternberger
JT. Jim Trez
MT. Mike Trice, judicial commission head

Guest:  John Pape, chairman player evals


1. Motion to accept July Minutes… EN, seconded JT, Unan*.

2. Committee members update:  Awards Comm — DC, KS.  Judicial Comm — MT,JF, DS,  Evaluation Comm — John Pape, Ray Moore, BF, Mike Huey, JF, DC.

3. Financial update (KS):  Currently on hand: $2000. Projected cash at the end of June 2018: $2125.47.  Total income est $9887.00 thru Jun 18, total expenses est 9770.00 thru Jun 18. See MSSL Financial Report on the website for details. Motion to accept the update as written: EN, RD seconded, Unan. On agenda for next month:  Liability Insurance.  

4. Number of players signed up for Fall Season: 128. Fall season will have 10 teams, with 8 of those teams having 13 players. Motion to offer 6 players their money back for managing last season: EN, seconded DS, Unan except RD, KS, JM. 

5. Managers for Fall Season:  John Sennett, Unan; Doug Mills, Unan; Butch Kolner, Unan; Fred Vincent, Unan; Roy Lance, Unan; DS, Unan; EN, Unan; Cordy Cordell, Unan except JG; Paul Wojo, Unan; Skip Penhall, Unan. Motion that those players on list (Vito Deangelo, Don Barber, Anthony Davila) not be recommended to become managers: DC, seconded DS, Unan except JG, JM. 

6. Motion to amend previous proposed intentional walk rule (July minutes) to include that the IW rule applies only to 3 players designated by the manager of each team before the start of the game: DC, seconded, KS, Unan except JM, MT,JG. 

7. Season will begin Tue after Labor Day with ONE division only. The only post-season tournament will be the Playoffs, with all 10 teams invited to participate. Double Elimination Bracket, with the four bottom teams having to play a single game to reach the Playoffs (7 vs 10, 8 vs 9, with the 7th and 8th ranked teams 
designated as home team). Hats go to the Season Winner, and jackets go to the Playoff Winner. Motion EN, seconded RC. Unan, with one abstention MT.  Start of early game 8:30, then 9:00 after time change in Nov.

8. Defibulator training to be discussed next Board Meeting.

9. Charge full amount for any players who come into the League after the season begins, with those players put on the Sub List. If a player remains on the sub list through the end of the spring season but does not play even one game, he receives money back per July minutes. 

10. Discussion of adding new players into the league and being placed on current teams after the season begins: Should there be a cutoff date when new players are allowed to immediately be placed on a team or remain on the Sub List? Also, propose that any team which does not field 11 players at the start of the game be subject to Forfeit, unless that team chooses to accept one automatic out at the end of their normal rotation for each player short of 11 (one out added when only 10 players show, two outs added when 9 players show, etc). These subjects to be put off to the next Board Meeting. 

11. Motion to adjourn: BF, seconded MT, Unan.

JM, secretary. 1:20 pm, 17 Aug 2017.

Next meeting Thu, 21 Sep 2017 (changed to 14 Sep)


​* Unan -- unanimous