11 Board Members (in alphabetical order by last name):

DC. Dennis Cullen, awards commission head
RD. Ric Davila, publisher
BF. Bob Fuhrmann — absent
JF. Jack Fisher
JG. John Gomez, speaker
JM. Jeff Millard, secretary
EN. Ed Nicholls Jr
KS. Kent Skidmore, treasurer
DS  Donnie Sternberger
JT. Jim Trez
MT. Mike Trice, judicial commission head


1. Motion to accept June Minutes… RD, seconded JT, Unan.
2. Committee members update:  Awards Comm — TBA next Board meeting.  

Judicial Comm — MT, JF, DS,  
Evaluation Comm — John Pape, Ray Moore, Bob Furhmann, Mike Huey, JF, DC.

Sub List:  Can be a member and not pay — BUT, in order to play in a game, must he pay before the game?? No. Motion to pay before being put on the Sub List, but if never chosen to play then receives money back… JG, seconded RD, Unan.

Motion that a person in “Good Standing” includes those who may never play but still make a contribution to the League… JF, seconded DS, Unan.

3. League awards update (DC):  Spring 2017 $300 for 12 jackets and ?? for hats, bought and paid for.

4. Financial update (KS):  Reporting on Excel Spread sheet, with monthly expense form.  May picnic went over budget — need to stay within budget!  Available: $4391 end of Apr. June $2088.05 + $810 (income for summer league) - $600 (jackets and hats awards): available as of end of Jun $2300.
Projecting $2200 expenses thru end of 2017. Budgeted expenses for the entire 2017 year are estimated at $9500. Motion to accept financial report… EN, seconded JF, Unan.

5. Info for/from new/current players, fall draft (EH): Fall Draft Aug 19, 2017.  Ed will take care of formulating the sign-up sheets, calling people, etc to insure that everyone who wants to play this Fall will be included in the draft. Evaluation committee will develop the Master List.  

6. Managers: Selection and Evaluation process: Need criteria in order to evaluate Managers!  Propose that a Manager sign-up list be developed, the Evaluation Comm will then evaluate those on the sign-up list. Motion to accept criteria in Article 9, #2 to evaluate those who have signed up to become managers. Then those players who have been recommended by the Evaluation Committee to be Manager will be forwarded to the Board for acceptance.  The Board will then make the final selections available ASAP… MT, seconded DS, Unan.

7. Set date for fall draft:  19 Aug 2017.  Next Board meeting Thu, 17 Aug.

8. MSSL Procedures: rewrite and update (RD): Motion that all rewrites/updates as read and reviewed by the Board this date are approved… JF, seconded EN, Unan - MT. RD will make these changes to the Procedures ASAP and make the final copy available on the Web Site by 1 Aug 2017.

9. Intentional Walk proposals: Motion that a team cannot intentionally walk (either by signal or 4 straight balls and no strikes) an individual more than once in a game; if that individual is walked a second time, he is awarded second base. If he is walked a third time or more, he is awarded third base. All players on base ahead of the individual awarded moves up when forced… JF, seconded KS, 7 - 3. (3: JT, MT, JG).  This Rule is to be incorporated into MSSL Rules by RD prior to the start of the 2017 MSSL Fall Season, and published to league players both by email and WEB page.

10. Player roster limit/size; adding new players: Motion that at the beginning of the draft, restrict number of players on a team to 12. Any remaining players during the drafting period will be put in a lottery draw to be placed on a team at the end of the draft… KS, second EN. 10 - 1 abs. This procedure is to be incorporated into MSSL Rules by RD prior to the start of the 2017 MSSL Fall Season, and published to league players both by email and WEB page.

*Discussion of adding new players into the league and being placed on current teams after the season begins: When should the cutoff date be when new players are allowed to immediately be placed on a team or instead be placed on the Sub List. This subject to be put off to the next Board Meeting. 

11. League fees for fall 2017 thru Spring ’18: Determination put off until next Board Meeting.

12. Umpire selection and training:  Determination put off until next Board Meeting.

13. Defibulator training/first aid kit renewal: Determination put off until next Board Meeting. 

14. Pitching screen nets, update:  Completed. EH will monitor the situation.

15. Purchase of additional/better balls for practice: Motion to increase yearly dues from $50 to $60 to purchase new balls, buckets, and maintenance and/or purchase of new screens… EN, seconded JF, Unan.

JM, secretary. 2:30pm
Next meeting Thu, 17 Aug 2017

Final Board Minutes, JULY 20, 2017   
Menifee Senior Softball League, Ed Hustead (EH) founder