Meeting called to order by Speaker Mr. Gomez at 1305.

All members present except Mr. White and Mr. Davila.

Mike Trice, League Scheduler and new Board member attended as an invited guest.

Future  Board members Ed Nicholls Jr, Jack Fisher, Donnie Sternberger
and Jim Trez attended as guests.


1)..Mr. Gomez thanked the outgoing Board members
for their service.

2)..Mr. Gomez welcomed the new members that were attending.

3)..Mr. Trice brought us up-to-date on Spring Season playoffs.

4)..Mr. Lantz gave the second quarter and his final financial report.  After
short discussion, Mr. Quigley made a motion to accept the report as submitted.
Motion seconded by Mr. Morones.  Vote was 8-0. Motion passed.

5)..Motion made by Mr. Lantz to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Motion
seconded by Mr. Fuhrmann.  Vote was 6 in favor and 1 against.  Motion passed.

NOTE: Beginning with the new board, if approved, the names of how individual members
vote will be a matter of record.

6)..Mr. Hustead updated the sign-ups for the summer league.  Presently 62 league
members have signed up.

7)..Short discussion on 2017 league awards.  This deferred to next meeting.

8)..Brief discussion on  pitching screen pole extension.  This deferred to next meeting.

9)..Mr. Trice also advised that all managers have been advised of the
upcoming schedules.

10)..Next meeting scheduled for June 29, 2017.

11)..Motion made by Mr. Lantz with a second by Mr. Morones for adjournment.
Vote was 7-0.  Motion passed and meeting adjourned at approximately 1345.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

May 25, 2017