Minutes of Board of Directors meeting

April 27, 2017

Meeting called to order by Speaker, Mr. Gomez at approximately 1315.

All members present with the exception of Mr. White.

Kent Skidmore and Rex Finley attended as guests.

Eight of ten current members present meeting the quorum requirement.

After Mr. Gomez made a statement as to the reading and ability to ask questions about the minutes, Mr. Fuhrmann made a motion, seconded by Mr. Lantz to approve the previous meeting minutes.  Vote was 8-0. Motion passed.


1)..Mr. Lantz updated the board on the status of the MSSL picnic scheduled for Wednesday, May 10, 2017.  Expected attendance is approximately 160.

Caterer and others have been advised.  Discussion about door prizes with Mr. Gomez advising that main prize is 4 Dodger tickets.  Mr. Lantz inquired of other board members if they were successful in obtaining other prizes.  Response was generally negative.  Motion made by Mr. Davila that Mr. Lantz be authorized $300.00 to solicit door prizes from various restaurants and businesses.  Motion seconded by Mr. Fuhrmann.

Vote was 8-0 in favor. Motion passed and Mr. Lantz will proceed with solicitation. (ha ha) Mr. Lantz asked for help in obtaining additional tables and chairs to accommodate the high volume that is expected.  Several board members volunteered for various items.


 1)..Mr. Fuhrmann advises that Mr. Kight has resigned from the current board.  The number of of the current board members is now at nine.

2)..Very long discussion ensued about number of board members.  Motion made by Mr. Davila to cap the board at nine elected members.  Motion seconded by Mr. Cullen.

Vote was 4-4 (tie). Motion not passed.  A second motion by Mr. Fuhrmann to have the cap at eleven members with a second by Mr. Quigley.  Vote was 5 in favor with 3 negative votes.

Motion carried.  The official new board will have 11 elected members plus a non-voting commissioner for the next 2-3 years.  (NOTE)..This means that there are now 2 openings for new board members plus any openings that should occur should the 5 board members that are up for re-election should decide not to run.  The 5 that are up for re-election are Mr. Morones, Mr. Quigley, Mr. Fuhrmann, Mr. White and Mr. Gomez.  Mr. Fuhrmann will poll these 5 members to obtain their status. (now done)  Elections are due by the end of this current season. After all have been canvassed, Mr. Fuhrmann will prepare the ballot for this election (Watch for details).

3)..Discussion about MSSL Procedures being updated.  A committee consisting of Mr. Gomez, Mr. Davila and Mr. Cullen will meet separately from the board  to review and offer suggestions.

Other board members were encouraged to submit any proposed changes to this committee.  Final proposals to be presented to the Board at a future meeting

4)..Discussion of MSSL Rules Article IV deferred to a future meeting.

5)..Jeff Millard's suggestion regarding league playoffs and tournament again deferred to a future meeting.

6)..Next meeting scheduled for May 25, 2017.

7)..Motion made by Mr. Fuhrmann for adjournment.  Second by Mr. Davila.  Vote was 8-0 in favor and meeting adjourned at approximately 1440.

 Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann.