Meeting called to order by Speaker Mr. Gomez at approximately 1305.

All members present except Mr. Kight, Mr. Davila and Commissioner Mr. Hustead.  Mr. Fuhrmann will contact Mr. Kight.

Kent Skidmore and Ed Nichols were guests.

Speaker advised that 7 members make a quorum and meeting is official.

Motion made by Mr. Morones to accept the minutes of the February 2017 meeting.

Seconded by Mr. White.  Vote was 7-0 in favor.  Motion passed.


1)..Due to Mr. Husteads absence, Mr. Fuhrmann advises that the new banners are purchased and will be installed on backstops on fields one and four (more visibility). (now done).

2)..Mr. Quigley advises the process is continuing to recognize the 25-0 team from the Fall 2016 season.

3)..Mr. Lantz updated us on the 2017 league picnic.  Sign up sheets ready for the managers and posters prepared.  Finalized the date of Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at the Wheatfield Park clubhouse.  Hours will be from noon to 1500.

Cost is being reduced to $1400.00 from  $1700.00 due to reduced attendance projections.  No cost to league members and guests.  All board members asked to solicit door prizes.  Mr. White offered large cooler and Mr. Cullen volunteered coolers from Guy Trisler.

4)..After much discussion the re-wording of substitute player rules still not complete. 

Subject deferred to the next meeting.  Mr. Gomez and Mr. Fuhrmann continuing their efforts to eliminate loop holes.

5)..After discussion, agreed to defer Jeff Millard's proposed season ending format to the next scheduled meeting.


1)..Mr. Lantz presented the budget for the first quarter 2017.  He will submit reports to the board on a quarterly basis from this point onward.  Due to funds on hand, the league fees MAY revert back to $45.00 next Fall Season.

Motion made by Mr. White to accept the report as submitted.  Seconded by Mr. Morones.

Vote was 7-0.  Motion passed.

2)..Discussed the effort to get board meeting date out to league members so they can be aware and attend as guests.  Agreed to put next meeting date on the bottom of the standings that are sent out to the league via the website on a regular basis.

3)..Long and heated discussion about reducing or adjusting number of board members.

Discussion included the number of seven, nine or eleven.  Motion made by Mr. Cullen to firm number at nine.  Seconded by Mr. White.  Vote was 6 in favor and one abstention. 

Due to league procedures of needing at least 7 votes to pass or reject a motion, the motion NOT passed.  Agreed to further discussion at next meeting.

4)..Conversations about the white 12 foot high pole extensions.  Seems that there is a problem with them breaking causing inconsistent use. 

Motion made by Mr. Lantz to eliminate the pole extensions.  Seconded by Mr. White.

Vote was 6 in favor with one abstention. Due to league procedures, motion NOT passed and extensions will continue to be used.. Mr. White  will provide replacements to be kept in the lockup box. (now received)

5).. Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 27, 2017.

6)..Motion by Mr. Fuhrmann for adjournment.  Seconded by Mr. White.  Vote was 7-0 in favor.  Meeting adjourned at approximately 1420.

Minutes submiTted by Mr. Fuhrmann.

Minutes of Board of Directors meeting....March 30, 2017