Minutes of Board of Directors meeting....January 10,2017...

Meeting called to order at approximately 1015 by Speaker, Mr. Gomez.
All members present except Mr. Davila and Mr. Kight.

Mike Trice attended as a invited guest as the official League Scheduler and Rex Finley joined as an observer later in the meeting.

Motion made by Mr. Morones, with a second by Mr. Cullen, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting (December 1, 2016.).  Vote was 8-0.  Motion passed.


1)..3 items deferred to this meeting will continue to be deferred.  (Manager qualifications, league picnic and player absences.)


1)..Financial reports previously forwarded by e-mail.  Transfer of League Treasurer to Mr. Lantz not 100% completed yet.  To be done by next meeting.  Motion made by Mr. White to approve treasurers report.  Seconded by Mr. Quigley.  Vote was 8-0.  Motion passed.

2)..New backstop banners to be ordered by Mr. Hustead.

3)..Awards committee advises that jackets for the league championship (Fall Season) have been ordered.  Due to inclement weather, the end of season tournament has been cancelled and no requirement for awards.  No monies had been expended.

4)..Discussed timeliness of minutes being available to League website.  All future minutes will be sent to Jerry Callahan for entry to the website.

5)..Regarding number one in old business above.  Mr. Lantz and Mr. White have volunteered to organize the league picnic. (Now only 2 items deferred.)

6)..Discussed PVC pipe extension to be added to existing pitching screen. Extension of 6 feet to assist umpires in the decisions to call high pitches.  Mr. White has volunteered to provide these extensions which will be attached by Velco to the FIRST base side of the screen.  They will be in 2 parts to allow access to the the storage container. All batted balls that hit the extension will be a dead ball and a no-pitch designation by the umpire.  All thrown balls by a fielder that hits the extension will be IN play.

Motion made by Mr. Quigley to accept the extensions, with a second by Mr. White.  Vote was six in favor, one against with one abstention. Motion passed and will be implemented with the Spring 2017 season.  NOTE: This information to be sent to league members via the website (minutes), e-mail and the league Facebook page.

7)..Discussed lack of participation to league members regarding the attendance at board meetings.  Board meetings can be attended by ANY league member as a guest.  Guests can observe proceeding and only participate if called on by the Speaker.

8)..Discussed increasing eligibility of our league rising to age 60 instead of 55.  After very brief discussion, entry age will continue to be 55.

9)..Discussed variations to our player drafting system.  No changes to be made at this time.

10)..Discussed adding the word "emeritus" to the title of our Commissioner Mr. Hustead.  Motion made by Mr. Fuhrmann to add to the title, with a second by Mr. White.  Vote was 8-0.  Motion passed.

11)..Discussed Spring Season league schedule.  No changes to the format.  Mike Trice advised that preliminary schedule made up and ready to go.  The season to begin on January 24, 2017.  Draft will be held on January 11, 2017.  Following are schedule dates:

Spring Season....January 24, 2017-May 16, 2017.

Playoffs.........May 18, 2017-May 25, 2017.

Tournament.......May 30, 2017-June 20, 2017.

Summer...........After June 20, 2017.

Fall Season......To be advised after working backwards from the Christmas holidays.

12)..Discussed intentional walks.  After a very long discussion, and in a effort to cut down on the number of intentional walks due to avoid pitching to the better home run hitters, the Board has decided to implement the following

Intentional walks are part of the game.  However, if after a TEAM has hit 3 home runs, any home run hit OVER the fence will be a automatic OUT.

13)..Over the last year, the Board has re-written most of the Rules (some to still be updated).  The Board will now be concentrating on updating the PROCEDURES.  This will be a lot of work so be patient.  Some changes will be forthcoming.   

14)..Mr. Fuhrmann read his statement to the Board regarding importance of teamwork by the Board of Directors.

15)..Next Board meeting scheduled for February 23, 2017.

16)..Motion to adjourn by Mr. Fuhrmann with a second by Mr. Morones.  Vote was 7-0.  Motion passed.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann
MSSL League Secretary