Meeting called to order at approximately 1305 hours by exiting Speaker Mr. Kight.

All members present with the exception or Mr. White and Mr. Cullen.

Mr. Quigley had to leave about half way thru the meeting.

Mike Trice attended to provide details of the "League Championship Playoffs"
and the upcoming "End of Season Tournament".



1)..Financial reports previously submitted by e-mail.  Mr. Kight will finalize the end of year results and publish accordingly.

2)..Mr. Kight will be stepping down as our Speaker and Mr. Lantz was elected as his replacement as League Treasurer.  They will arrange to change all necessary paperwork at our banking establishment after the end of the year.

3)..Mr. Gomez was elected as the new Speaker.

4)..Briefly discussed team manager qualifications as we currently have no procedures.  Item deferred to a future meeting.

5)..Mike Trice provided playoff and tournament schedules.  Tournament schedule finalized but playoff schedule still outstanding as season is not concluded.

6)..Reviewed end of season awards.  No change in amounts or awards.  $300.00 for league champions and
$100.00 for tournament champions.  Mr. Quigley and Mr. Lantz to arrange with respective champions.

7)  No change to draft procedures.  Mr. Hustead is recruiting managers.

8)..Discussed new sign up sheet designed by league member Doug Mills. It was deemed acceptable and will be used for player sign-up.  League members must fill out the form (provided by their manager and Board members) and give to Mr. Hustead ASAP if they want to be included in the 2017 Spring Season draft which will be held on January 11, 2017 at Mr. Hustead's residence at 0900.

9)..Reviewed members of the Player Evaluation Committee.

10)..Discussed proposed rule change (submitted by league member Steve Baranick) regarding automatic time out for "seriously" injured players.  With the exception of the last sentence, the proposal was accepted and will be incorporated in the appropriate section of our rules.

It reads as follows:
"If, in the umpires sole judgement, a player appears to be seriously injured during a play, whether or not a timeout had been called on the play, a timeout will be assumed to have been called in order to permit attendance to the injured player."

11)..Proposal made by Mr. Quigley to collect donation for our groundskeeper "Carlos" as a thank you for all of his efforts of the past several years.  Mr. Quigley will organize.  (Now completed and presentation planned during league championship playoffs.(Done)).

12)..Discussed replacement banners that are on our backstops (faded). Approximate cost of $40.00.
Board has authorized replacement which will be coordinated by Mr. Hustead.

13)..Mr Hustead reminded us that he will no longer be organizing the league picnic.  We will need a volunteer.  Additional discussion deferred to a future meeting.

14)..Brief discussion on player leaving their team (injury, sick, family situation) when they are ready to return.. More discussion needed.

15..Agreement to pro-rate new player league fees dependent when they enter the league.  (All league members pay yearly total fee in September when play starts).  To be applied by league commissioner.

16)..Next meeting to be held on January 10, 2017.

17..Meeting adjourned at approximately 1435.

Minutes submitted by Mr. Fuhrmann


​December 1, 2016